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Where the basket is the pedigree...!!!

Northern Powerhouse Pigeon Auctions NPH

GB Racing Pigeons

Where the basket is the pedigree...!!!


Pigeon for pigeon, one of the best families of pigeons in the UK (ONL

The main line in the loft


Top breeder "Young Anton"

The list of winners on his photo could be much longer, but no more would fit on there......


Dam of the loft "Red Eyes"

Placed directly into the breeding loft, being Sister to as many as 15x1st Prizes and many top 10 Federation prizes including 1st Open Fed 4,000b


Son of "Young Anton" G/Son " of " Red Eyes"

"04" was only raced as a young bird (5 races) and is just one of many top racers that how been bred down from "Young Anton" to win and go on to breed winners for my own loft and a good friend who also races my family of birds. And it would be fare to say his results are equal to any sprint loft in the country often having 5's & 6's dropping together and topping the Federation. 

This family of pigeons genuinely are equal to any other family you will find both home and abroad...........

Main Bloodlines

Breeding over the years has simply been winner to winner or children off the best racers to other top racers. Breeders are mainly retired TOP racers, with only 6 pairs being housed, all having bred winners from Club, Federation (4,000b) and many Gold Ring/Breeder Buyer events winning several thousand pounds.


Staf Van Reet, Jos Soontjen, Louis Van Loon, Adrian Duggins, Wal Zoontjen, Leo Van Rijn, A&H Reynaert (Figo), Gaby Vandenabeele, Dirk Van Dyke (Kannibaal) one or two other families are present in the blood of our pigeons but only slightly... 

The main breeding cock of the family is "Young Anton" his blood consists of A&H Reynaert “Figo” x Vandenabeele “James Bond” x Leo Van Rijn “De Keizer” he is the Sire to at least 8x1st Federation and G/Sire 1st Fed winners also....75% of all pigeons in both lofts that race these pigeons contain the blood of "Young Anton"............ 



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