10 Year Golden edition of Corabia OLR's

The UK is very under represented in the Corabia One Loft Races, lets show them the quality we have!!

As the new UK Agent for Corabia OLR's I am keen to address the balance of UK pigeons taking part in these races, both in the FCI Summer race in Romainia and the Winter race in Spain. I have researched the races and found them to be very transparent from start to finish. The FCI Romanian (Summer Race) particularly appeals to me personally and is one I feel UK pigeons will excel in with a perfect middle distance race of 320 miles. Lets get the UK on the map in Romania by taking the Corabia FCI One Loft Race by storm. Ateam of 6 pigeons for just £255, 3 active 3 reserve.

Contact Chris: 07875 162535 to book