Corabia FCI One Loft Race (Romania)

At just £84 per pigeon (current exchange rate) makes it one of, if not, the cheapest OLR available..

A team of 6 or 12 can be entered with only half of the team being paid for on shipping, that half becomes your activated birds. The remainder of the team can be activated prior to the official races, if still in the loft. 

To ship a team of 6 cost just £252 + £10 per pigeon for shipping.

Collection dates: 1st March, 2nd April & 1st May from Belgium.  All pigeons will be collected by Walkers transport from you home address and delivered to Belgium were Florin, the owner of Coribia OLR's will collect them and transport to Romania (This transport arrangement also applies for the Corabia Winter Race in Spain)

Prize money for 1st Open in the Fanel Corabia FCI Race (Romania Summer race) is 15,000 Euros and a Brand New Mercedes C-Class 

Final Race September 2020

For more Info and to enter contact Chris Gibson on 07875 162535 or Email: